Sunday, June 19

Portland Community Garden June 19th

It was another wet morning at the garden. One bonus was that I was able to pull many of the grass type weeds growing out easily. I got to the garden a tad earlier than I usually do and what a surprise I had in store for me. Slugs. There were slugs everywhere in my peas, lettuce and more. Yikes? I guess I have a slug problem. I am wondering how to get rid of them without harming them. Any ideas? I think the extended wet weather this year does not help either.

I found some new flowers on my garden break walk around the garden.

This is a popular plant in Portland. It grows everywhere and the blooms remain like this even in fall and winter.

My Yarrow is in bloom. Soon it will be ready to self seed all over the place.

My Lettuce. This variety has a Pepper like taste.

Egyptian Onions in Portland. I have started to notice that every community plot has a clump of these growing.

The Children's area compost bin is full. My plot is next to the Children's Garden.

Overall view of part of the garden.
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