Wednesday, June 22

Note to Michele: Ground Cherries and Strawberry Spinach Sprouts? Or not?

Hi Michele,

I've taken photos of the tiny sprouts which we discussed earlier. The top photo is the pot with the strawberry spinach sprouts-or at least what I think are strawberry spinach sprouts. It could very possibly be weed sprouts and no strawberry spinach at all.  I also sowed some strawberry spinach seeds directly into the garden, but I don't think I have any sprouting there. I left all weeds in that area so I didn't accidentally pull any strawberry spinach. I guess if the plants eventually produce those lovely red berries, I'll know for sure.
Now, in the pot below, I also have a few sprouts. These might be the ground cherries I planted in this pot or again, they could be weeds. They look suspiciously like the sprouts in the Strawberry Spinach pot, so I'm thinking probably I have weeds and no strawberry spinach or ground cherries at all.
How do these compare to your plants? Do they look the same?

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