Sunday, June 12

Note to Caroline- Portland Community Garden Manager

Dear Caroline, remember I mentioned that our Garden Manager resigned? Well, the latest news is that I am taking over for her this year. Because it is so late in the season and so much needs to be done I was placed in the volunteer position this year, but every fall the gardeners vote for who will be the Garden Manager.

As you can guess I am very excited, but at the same time worried about what I am getting myself into. From the job description basic responsibilities include organizing work groups, orientating new gardeners, tracking who is working their plots and who is not and basically answering questions and resolving conflict. All the 37 community gardens in Portland are also part of the "Plant a Row"Program to fight hunger.

I think I told you that our garden is unique because we have one of the only children's gardens left. We also have a Thai rain collection cistern. It collects rain water which we use to fill our watering cans, rinse our hands, etc. Well, I am sure that I will have more to share on the garden later.
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