Wednesday, June 15

Caroline's Daybook

Outside my window..... are knocked-over trash cans raccoons keep raiding
I am planning..... to clean up the mess after I post this daybook. On a prettier note, perhaps I'll see the Kelleher Rose Garden in full bloom this week (or rather wishing with all my heart!)
I am harvesting.....lots of radishes
One of my favorite garden things.....watering with a watering can
I am reading.....back issues of The Garden Gate which I found at our library's magazine swap.
My favorite garden quote this week is....."Perhaps the most radical thing you can do in our time is to start turning over the soil, loosening it up for the crops to settle in, and then stay home and tend them." - Rebecca Solnit
Creatures I saw in my garden this week..... a water frog and a butterfly. I saw a deer in my neighborhood. I didn't see raccoons but my son did. I saw the mess they left behind.
To-dos for the rest of the week.....visit the community garden, share radish seeds with Dad, thin lettuce, raccoon proof trash cans. Any advice? I've tried tying lids shut and bungee cords. Raccoons still get into them.
Here is a garden picture I'm sharing with you...
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