Wednesday, June 8

Note To Michele: Veggies, Snails, Community Gardens

Hi Michele,

So how will your community garden function without a director? What a terrible time of year to be without a director, but it must be hard to keep volunteers since it's such a big job.
I'm not sure what could be eating your Cinnamon Lettuce, but I would guess snails. I have them in my garden too, but they don't seem as bad this year as in previous years.,

My French Breakfast Radishes and Cinnamon Lettuce are doing pretty well. As I thin the lettuce, I either use it in salad or transplant to another area. I've been told not to bother transplanting baby lettuce or carrots but I did it last year and it worked fine. I have been planting the radishes every week so we have a constant supply. How are the radish seeds that I sent you doing?

I've planted several kinds of lettuce, spinach, mustard and other greens but these are the only ones this big.
My peas are not doing well this year at all. Perhaps because the cat has been rolling in the patch? But, despite that, they just seem behind. I'm thinking of pulling them out and planting something else. My father says they really aren't worth the amount of space they take up in the garden, but my kids (and I) love eating them fresh from the vine.

We've had a sunny week here. Tomorrow is expected to be in the 90s I've heard, so I better get to the community garden to make sure my plants are watered.

Keep me posted about your community garden situation.
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