Wednesday, June 29

Portland Community Garden Photos June 29th

It was overcast in the garden today. Our first hot weather in Portland this year is on the agenda for this weekend. My Tomatoes look pathetic. Add the Peppers and Egg plants to the pathetic list. Just not enough hot weather and too much rain to warm the soil and get things going.

Here is a neighbors Artichoke plant. They seem to grow really well here because they are growing in many of the community garden plots.

Here are some of the Peas that I harvested today.
I don't have too many plants, but was able to harvest enough to fill four 1 gallon bags. Plan to harvest more in a few more days.

Still harvesting Lettuce. Some of my other Lettuce is bolting so I need to get more aggressive at harvesting as it seems like everything seems to go to seed really fast here. I also was able to harvest Chives and more Radish today.

The Chard is growing well in the cool weather

The Beans sprouted quickly and is doing well although the slugs have found them

Lovely edible Nastrium flowers

Not sure if these are Marigolds or Calendula

One of my neighbors is using milk jugs to protect his summer crops. Seems funny that we are still using this kind of protection in June. Many gardeners have some sort of protection over their summer crops.

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