Sunday, June 26

Reply to Michele: Off Topic Our New Kitten

Hi Michele,

Yes, your spa looks very different from the last photos I saw. Everything looks stunning. The flower arrangements are gorgeous.

I wonder if the Broadway Bridge is the one we crossed when we visited you. I know Portland has several bridges so I guess it could have been another bridge. I hope someday I'll be able to visit again, tour your business and see the sights.

I have a little off the gardening topic news for you. A new kitten has joined our clan. She is two months old and weighs two pounds. Her name is Chloe Rose. My daughter liked your cat's name so much, she chose it for our kitten. Chloe was born to a feral cat my sister and her husband cared for. They socialized the kittens well and have tamed the mother enough that she is now living in their house. Now that the kittens are weaned, the mommy will be fixed. They've done a great job with these cats, finding homes for all of them.  A local organization provided veterinary care for them all. And we're so lucky to have little Chloe. She's a delight.
This is the spot she has claimed for her own. She's made a little nook in the drapes and watches all our other pets from a safe distance. She's still not sure how she feels about our two cats and shih tzu. Suddenly, our little shih tzu looks like a giant compared to this two pound ball of fluff. He wants to play with her so much- he loves cats. But, she's still not too sure about him. So, she has one bedroom that's just for her and this spot when we are nearby to keep an eye on things. I think she even looks a little bit like your Chloe. If you want to see how much she's grown, you can see a photo of Chloe at one month old here.

I have some disappointing gardening news. Remember the Ground Cherry and Strawberry Spinach sprouts I showed you in a post a few days ago? This morning I checked on them and they are gone. It looks like I never planted anything at all. I suspect it is due to the rain we had this weekend or perhaps something ate them. So, no ground cherries or strawberry spinach for me this year. I'll try again next year. I hope you have better luck.


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