Friday, August 10

Gardening On A Budget at Dollar Tree

We've been discussing no or low cost ideas for the garden recently. One of the best places to find simple low cost garden supplies is Dollar Tree. Since it's the end of the season now, stock is more limited, but they still have quite a few seed packets, pots, decorations and other related supplies. Disclaimer- Dollar Tree is not sponsoring this post. I simple want to pass on this information for those gardening on a budget.

On my recent trip, I saw spike watering cups, various pots, seeds, and wind chimes. In other areas of the store, I found glassware that could be used for flower arrangements and terrariums.

Also, foam wreath forms and blocks used in flower arranging.

As well as wire wreath forms, florist tape and raffia. 

And all sorts of garden decorations! These scarecrows are ready for the Autumn season which is fast approaching. These would look cute adorning a container of fall mums.

These little Buddha statues could look nice out in the garden or in a container for decoration.

Colorful pinwheels can add interest, especially to fill in bare areas or in containers. My kids gave me one of these for Mother's Day in a gardening gift basket. I have it in a pot of flowers on my deck. It's spins when the wind blows, adding visual interest and color.

If you are gardening on a budget, do check out Dollar Tree. This is just a sampling of what I've seen on their shelves.  In the spring, I have seen many more items, including gladiolus bulbs, garden gloves, watering cans, hand tools, and bags of soil.
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