Sunday, August 12

Note to Michele: Zinnias


Here's a report on the zinnia seeds. I remember you said yours were not doing well this year. So here's a photo of my small patch. They are healthy but small for this time of year.  I planted most of this raised bed with zinnia seeds and this is all that sprouted. I'm not sure I will get any blossoms before frost but we will see. I hope at least a few blossom so I can save some seeds with the hopes that they will do better next year. This year seems to be a bust for my garden in so many ways. I mixed a little alyssum in with the seeds, which you can see just on the edge of the photo. These did well, but I didn't get it in the photo.

I'm posting some of our zinnias from past seasons, so we can enjoy their cheerful colors and have hope that next season will be better!

~ Caroline
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