Tuesday, August 28

Note to Michele: Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Vermont


This is not garden related, other than a few photos I took of some landscaping at this location but it's such a fun place I want to share it with you. It's Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory in Vermont. This place is amazing, not to mention the delicious ice cream. I took enough pics so you could take a virtual tour of the exterior. We didn't take the tour this time- the lines were incredibly long and we've been on it before. But the grounds are so much fun, starting with the ice cream flavor graveyard! This is where discontinued flavors are laid to rest. 

 It's on a hill near the gigantic parking lot, surrounded by a quaint picket fence.

I love the Adirondack chairs in pretty colors by the fence! I didn't take a photo, but on the side of this hill, several cows were grazing. I'm not sure if they belonged to Ben and Jerry's or a neighbor. 

Each discontinued flavor has a headstone with dates and brief information about it.

Take a look at this field next to the parking lot filled with solar panels! 

Here's the famous Ben and Jerry's bus.

Since this is a gardening blog, here are a few photos of some plantings near the building. The hanging baskets are lovely.

 I'm not sure what this shrub is below, but the blossoms are so pretty. I think it may be a type of hydrangea.

These are definitely hydrangeas in full bloom beneath the big hand holding an ice cream!

I hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour. It's one of our favorite places. If you come to visit, we could take a day trip to visit it. And the ice cream is delicious, too.

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