Wednesday, August 1

Note to Caroline: End of July garden updates from Portland, OR

Dear Caroline,

Here are my latest video updates on the garden at my house. I know we always talk about having a nice, hot summer for a good growing season, but this year in particular it has been just too hot. If we have one more day of 90 plus weather it will be the hottest July here on record.  It is just too hot to do anything in the garden so I have been doing a lot of watering in the evening and letting the weeds go wild. 

I have been given permission by my landlords to do what I want with the garden. I have some initial plans for a simple wrap around border. I am not sure that I can get going on this project until fall or next spring. Your lupine and other woodland flowers look fabulous. I have just started to put in perennials. I have always been cautious due to the fact that I rent my home.

Due to my long term, chronic health condition I have had to limit my gardening efforts. However, it has made me learn the hard way that there is never a "good time" for any project or goal. With that thought in mind,  I have decided to expand the garden. Of course what ever I do will have to be no or low cost. Any ideas? You asked about my tomatoes. They are one of the few plants that love this heat. I know you have been busy and I can't wait to see the videos of your garden. I hope your weather is better.

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