Friday, June 3

Cat in the Pea Patch

Since day one when I planted the peas, my cats have taken a liking to the pea patch. Nothing I do seems to work to convince them it's off limits. One sunny day this week, I caught Ashley, quite enjoying herself. One would think the peas were planted just for her.
 I shall kill it  she thinks. Bat. bat. bat.

 "Ashley!" said I.
 "Who me?" she asks.
 "But, I'm so cute. And I love the pea patch. You can't possibly mean I have to move?"
"Ashley. Out." said I.
"You can't be serious? I won't do it." And she didn't.


Candy @ The Little Round Table said...

Such a cute kitty! They do have their own way of seeing the world. :-)

Thanks for joining the garden party,

debbie said...

hahaha so cute just like a cat!

poindextr said...

here kitty kitty. pretty little cat. just popping in to say hi and encourage those little sprouts to GROW. :)

Ellie said...

That's funny! I wonder what it is about the peas... I just posted about my dog eating our strawberries. Who knew pets could cause so much trouble in a garden!

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