Thursday, June 9

June Blooms

This time of year I have many perennials blooming in my borders. The iris, bachelor buttons and phlox were all gifts from my mom's established gardens. Soon, the peonies will open, too. I'll be sure to post photos of those when they burst into bloom.  
These iris grow everywhere in our area. I've seen masses of them in the ditches along the roads.
I'm so happy with this clump of bachelor buttoms. I took a small piece from my mother's garden just a year ago which has tripled in size.
Above: These were given to me this spring with a huge lot of strawberries and perennials. I'm not sure what it is, though I've seen it growing in other gardens. Can anyone help me out? Please post in the comments if know the name of this plant.
Above: Pinky-white phlox. Below: Purple phlox. These colors are also growing natural along the roads. These are doing well in the shady areas of my yard. I also had a beautiful phlox that was white with red center. It was from my grandmother's garden but sadly it seems to have died out.
Below: Lady's Mantle. I love this plant so much I wish it would spread, but in all the years I've had it, it stays about the same size.


jeansgarden said...

Hi Caroline, I have those siberian irises blooming in my garden too. I have other varieties, too, but these must be the species or a cultivar very close to it because they self-sow readily. Your deep pink flowers are hardy geraniums, probably Geranium sanguineum. The phlox that are in bloom right now might be Phlox divarcata (woodland phlox), but the one from your grandmother's garden that died out was probably the tall summer phlox, Phlox paniculata. Don't you love the way flowers burst into bloom in Maine in June? -Jean

Lona said...

Your phlox are so beautiful. I would love to see those irises growing wild around here. They are so pretty. Your plant is a geranium but I do not know which one.

Caroline said...

Jean and Lona,

Thank you both for your help on the geranium!

I'm going to try to take a drive with my camera and get some photos of the iris while they are still blooming- I'll post pics if I do. They are gorgeous.

I also had some white iris, same variety, but they seem to have disappeared yet the purple thrived.

Donna said...

How wonderful to get pass-a-long plants from your mother's garden...just love all the blues

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