Friday, May 13

Community Garden Plot: Worms, Grubs, and Kids

Yesterday, we worked on our community garden plot for the first time this season.
 The kids grumbled a bit when they saw all the weeds, but we got the job done. Using a spade, I turned the soil, the kids picked out the weeds, shook the dirt off the roots, and put in the compost. The soil is rich with some clay in it.
 My daughter stopped weeding every few minutes to exclaim, "Look another juicy worm!" Her brother then asked, "How do you know it is juicy, did you eat one?" That started a five minute conversation about how one might know a worm was juicy without actually eating it. In the end, she made pets of the worms naming them after the cast of "Friends." (Yes, she's too young for some of the topics on that show, but my young adult sons use the fast forward to skip over some content) Eventually, Monika, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross were set free in our new garden plot.
 Then, my daughter met this critter. At first, she let out a glass shattering scream. "Ooooh, what is it? Oh, ick, this is so gross!" Pause. Giggle. "Oh look, it's smiling at me. It opened it's mouth and closed it again. Look up close, you can see its eyes. Oh it's so cute! Mom, come take a picture!" So , there you have it. Grubby the grub. The world's first CUTE grub.
I looked over the other gardens to see if anything was growing besides weeds. I didn't see much- some onions and then these plants which look to be broccoli and kale. Both bolting, flowering and going to seed, just like the plants in Michele's community garden. So I guess these plants are doing the same thing on both coasts.

I'm not sure what the plant in the photo below is. I have some growing at home too. Anyone know? Is it a weed or something useful?
Our finished bed ready for planting. Only one problem. Due to some confusion, we may have weeded the wrong plot. Oh well. Someone else will be very happy when they see their plot.
But, should I warn them to be on the lookout for celebrity worms and a cute grub?
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