Sunday, May 1

May 2011 "Green Challenge"

May 2011 "Green Challenge" 
Greener Cleaning Products
My first thought is perhaps baby steps are needed. It is not that I don't believe in nautral cleaning products. I have used them in the past. It is just that I have been inconsistent with my green cleaning purchases. One example of a scenario that plays over and over on my shopping trips is the dish detergent saga.

I pick up a bottle of natural dish detergent " Seventh Generation". Minutes latter I pass  the regular cleaning products aisle and the 99cent bottle of generic detergent calls me. Do I go with the $0.99 bottle or the natural dish detergent that is three times the price? You guess it. Out with the natural, in with the ugly artificial colored and scented product.

Right now "Fred Meyers" is selling "Seventh Generation" Products at a huge discount which prompted me to purchase their dish detergent again after not using it for ages. I have to admit I noticed a difference right away. I am certain that it is going to last twice as long as the $0.99 brand. It only takes a little bit of product and another benefit is that it seems to do a more effective job of cleaning. Not to mention that it has no artificial coloring or nasty artificial smell. In fact I think I feel better from the Aromatherapy effect from the natural Lavender Essential Oil the detergent is scented with. Who knew that dish detergent can make you feel better?

A reoccurring thought as I write this post is "  I need to stop what I am doing right now to and head  to purchase more of the discounted dish detergent". As a side note I have considered making my own products as that right up my alley since I make handmade Organic skin & body care. However at this time I am sticking with the bought kind until I have time to change over.
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