Sunday, May 1

Sowing more Seeds-Portland, OR

Finally the weather has made a turn for the better. After news that this is the third wettest April in the history of Oregon we finally have a week of 60 plus weather to look forward to.Time to get going in the garden.

This morning at my Community Garden Plot I was able to sow Zinnia, Lemon Cucumber, Dill, Marshmallow, Lettuce and Squash.

News about the Broccoli that was over wintered. They are beginning to flower and turn to seed. I am not sure why. Is that normal?

More good news about my over wintered Cabbage. They have not recovered from the hungry pests in search of food this winter. Pests in the winter? Did not think that would be a problem.

The Cinnamon Lettuce, Rhubarb, Rainbow Chard, Stocks, Calendula and Money Plant Seeds that I planted two weeks ago are now up. The two varieties of Carrots are missing in action.

More positive news. There are tons of ladybugs in the garden.
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