Monday, May 2

Note to Caroline-Spring Update

The weather has been awful here. We have had three times more rain so far this year than usual. You know that is a plenty since it rains daily here from December through February. I am way behind in planting and getting worried that with the late start most of my summer vegetables will not produce. When it gets hot here it doesn't get hot like Maine summers. The high starts to drop off come July and August while those are the hottest months for you.

What were your thoughts on the royal wedding? My mother is excited about her trip this month to Stonehenge. We have visited there before when we lived in London, but this time she will be taking her Master level Reiki certification class so it will be extra special. She is also meeting up with some old friends from when we lived there in London after her class. I hope she can bring some candy back for me. I miss British Chocolates like Maltesers, Flake and Areo Bars. I think I told you once that they have the same names for some of the bars we have like Milky Way, but the bar is totally something different.

I believe that winter is over for you in Maine. What kind of gardening activities have you been working on? Have you given more thought to keeping bees and what you are going to plant in your new community plot?
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