Sunday, May 15

A Garden of Memories

     With the progression of blooms in my Maine flower garden, memories of other gardens bloom from the past. In my own garden grow the offspring of offspring of long ago gardens. Like branches on the family tree, the flowers in my garden came from those who came before me.
My precious Day Lilies, Siberian Iris, Bee Balm, Phlox, Roses, Peonies, Lilacs and other blossoms are the great grandchildren of beloved gardens of yesteryear.
        Each spring when the lilacs bloom, I remember Francis, a neighbor from my childhood. Francis gave us tours of his colonial house, invited us to dig in an ancient family dump to find antique bottles, and told us stories of ghosts who shared the old house. His grandmother planted countless lilacs on the property. When I was a child, these lilacs were ancient, towered over me, and created enchanting childhood
    Lilacs growing on my property today are the offspring of my mom's lilacs. Her lilacs are the offspring of Francis' lilacs. Though Francis and his ancient lilacs are gone, each spring when my lilacs bloom, I remember the kind old gentleman I once knew.
     Each blossom has a story to tell. Ant covered peony buds signal the end of another school year. As buds explode to bloom our childhood hearts burst with the joy of freedom.
Each flower, each fragrance, holds a reminder of a day gone by.
Like the day my mom planted the old fashioned roses along the split rail fence...
     ...and watching her paint a picture as lovely as a Monet in our backyard. Monet used paint, Mom used seeds, cuttings and perennials. Together my parents dug a lily pond, adding more beauty to our lives.
The gardeners who came before me filled my world with beauty...
and my life with precious memories that bloom in my garden-and in my heart- year after year.

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