Sunday, May 1

Sowing Seeds in Peat Pellets

I got a really late start on sowing seeds inside because this April has been so cold and rainy. I bought 4 window sill sized peat pellet trays with hoods. They cost $3 and each tray comes with 12 pots.

All you do is add about 1 cup (check instructions) of warm water to the peat pellets and they expand with their own pocket of soil ready for your seeds.

I had to re-think the location I had in mind for germinating the seeds after I discovered that my newer model fridge was very cold on top. Perhaps it is too energy efficient.

The top of my dryer is where the seeds tray ended up. The seeds trays are at my business because I have much more space and light there. Since we do services such as Facials & Massage the dryer is always in use.

Here is a list of seed starts: Chocolate Stripe Tomatoes (photo one), German Red Tomatoes, Anas Noir Tomatoes, Purple Tomatillo, Thai Long Peppers and Pink Banana (second photo). I will keep you posted on when the seeds germinate. The hardest seed to germinate will be the Pink Banana. The seed packet says that it could take up to 2 months to germinate, but once it does it is easy to grow.

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