Wednesday, May 25

Peat Pellet & Seed Starts Update

I just wanted to update everyone on the Peat Pellet seed starts. I located a nice cozy, warm home for them on top of my dryer at my business and they are doing very well. Most of the seeds started to emerge after 1-2 weeks. There was no need to water because the pellets came with a tray and plastic cover. Sort of like a mini greenhouse.

This week I was able to transfer the seeds(Tomato, Pepper, Egg Plant) into their own pots and located them on one of my bright and sunny picture windows at my business. I also started Ground Cherry seeds in egg crates. I found that they did not germinate as fast without a cover and the egg crates seedlings were more susceptible to developing a fungus. However, they work in a pinch.

The only other problem I experienced was with the wooden sticks I used to label each tray of seeds. After a few days I had to dispose of the sticks because they developed a fungus too. Labels falling off or ink disappearing on labels seem to be continuous challenges for me. So basically I am guessing what plants are in the trays. I can tell which ones are tomatoes, but right now the Peppers and Egg Plant look pretty much the same. My next challenge is to start hardening off the seedlings so they can go outside. I have read that this is a 2 week process. I will keep everyone posted.
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