Sunday, May 22


Stevia is one of the herbs that we are growing this year. After receiving a "tweet" on how to use it we decided to do a little research. We had heard that it is often used fresh in teas and that was what we intended to do with it being avid tea drinkers. We found two alternative ways to turn Stevia into a liquid while cutting most of the bitter after taste.

We are growing Stevia from seed starts. The seeds are tiny and we did not get many seeds in each packet so we suggest that you check how many seeds you are getting and if it is under 20 you may need to buy two seed packets. With that being said we did get a few sprouts after a few weeks that seem to be growing quite vigorously now.

Here is the information via video on how to turn Stevia into a liquid sweetener while getting rid of the bitter after taste. In both videos there are no preservatives used or mention of how to store.For that reason we highly suggest that you store your extracted Stevia liquid in the fridge and use within the week.

We intend to try both methods (with glycerin and without) and report back to you which version works the best.
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