Wednesday, July 6

Community Garden Update: The Three Sisters

Today was a community garden day. We did much needed weeding. Most of the garden is looking good. The watermelon plants don't look like they are growing much at all so I don't expect we'll be eating watermelon from our own efforts this year.
The Three Sisters end of the garden is doing better than the watermelon end. The corn is growing, the pumpkin plants have the beginnings of little blossoms and the beans actually sprouted. Now I wasn't too confident the beans would sprout since we bought them two summers ago when we visited Monticello. These are Thomas Jefferson's Asparagus Beans. They are up about 4 inches. I had expected more growth than that but I'm just glad they sprouted after 2 years in storage.

We also have peppers doing well as well as a variety of squash and some red onions.

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