Friday, July 1

Reply to Michele: Knitting Graffiti in Portland, Oregon and Belfast, Maine, Knitta

Well, that takes the cake. I have never seen pole covers around here, but this week when we visited Belfast, Maine I did see these chairs on a sidewalk. We wondered what in the world they were. Now that I've seen the photo of the pole covers in Portland Oregon, I have to wonder if these chairs are some kind of knitting graffiti too. My daughter asked me to sit in one after I took this photo. The chair was comfortable but difficult to get out of. They were made from PVC pipe frames covered in knitting. Somehow the seat part was reinforced so it didn't sag down when sat in.

I did a quick google search and found a group called Knitta started the movement. Here is a link to a wiki article about the group

I have never heard of garden graffiti. I can't wait to learn about it. Post many more pics!

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