Sunday, July 24

Note To Michele: Chard, greens, & tomatoes

Hi Michele,

Your garden is looking good! My Rainbow Chard seems to be doing the best of all the seeds we ordered from Baker Creek Seeds, but not yet quite as far along as yours.

The slugs are a problem with the greens. I also have Japanese Beetles on the grape vine.
Our first tomatoes. Can't wait to have fresh tomatoes every day. 
I thought I'd show you my bed of leafy lettuces and Mesclun Mix. Fresh picked salad every day is wonderful. I thin as I need salad.

 I also have a tomato patch which is totally volunteer plants. I decided to let them stay and see how they do compared to the nursery plants I bought. Some have nearly caught up. I think they are mostly cherry tomatoes. I spent the afternoon today cutting off all unnecessary sucker branches- those that will not produce blossoms. My grandfather taught me this. It forces the plant's energy into producing more fruit. They look sort of scraggly after, but it works.

I have a few pumpkin vines in my home garden. The strawberry spinach grew after I thought I'd lost it all, but no berries yet. The peas are all done and yanked out. I also have some squash and melons growing.
I need to get to my community garden soon to check on things over there.

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