Thursday, July 28

Maine Community Garden Update

We have corn and pumpkins in our Three Sisters Garden. The corn isn't quite ready to harvest yet, but it won't be long. I wish now we'd planted more but I was skeptical that it would produce. Other gardeners have their corn planted much closer than we do. The asparagus beans are still small. Perhaps I got too late a start on those or perhaps it's not a good year for beans since my Chinese Red Noodle Beans at home are slow too.
A pumpkin under the corn.
Peppers are doing great.
Red Onions
A teeny tiny melon. Lots of these on the vine. It will be interesting to see how large these get.
I think these are the Rossa Bianca Eggplant grown from the Baker Creek Seeds.
We watered well and added extra mulch. Pulled a few weeds but the mulch is doing a great job keeping the weeds away. Unfortunately, those cucumber beetles we saw in other areas of the garden have found my garden. I'll have to research organic methods of control for that.
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