Wednesday, July 6

Note to Michele: Dad's Garden

Hi Michele,

 I gave my dad some of the cinnamon lettuce I started. The plants are growing well in his garden along with peppers, tomatoes, squash, cukes, chard and beans. He always has a nice garden so I thought you might like to see what he's got growing this year.

I'll try to post photos through the summer. Dad has a great vegetable garden and he and my mom also have a pretty water garden and perennial borders.

We celebrated the 4th of July in Ogunquit Maine which had some lovely flowers around the village. I took photos and will show them to you soon.

Bad news about my rainbow chard. It is growing pretty well, so well some animal likes the taste of it and has totally consumed the tops of two plants. My dad said it's probably a wood chuck and I should put up some fencing.

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