Sunday, July 10

Portland Community Garden Update-July 1oth

It was a great garden day. 80 plus weather. I was able to harvest the rest of my peas. I noticed that they don't taste as sweet so I figured that pea season was drawing to a close so I removed the plants after harvest and added them to my compost pile. They had begun to cover up my summer season plants anyway.

Here is just one of the many community fruit trees and bushes in the garden
My Calendula started from seed is doing very well. I have an orange variety also. I grew them to keep the insects at bay.
Here is the Strawberry Spinach. I have been pulling out tons of it thinking it was a weed. It is not very high but already is producing berries.
Egyptian Onions are all over our community garden
Lovely Dahlia's from the Children's Garden
Community Berries ready to harvest. They taste very sweet
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