Saturday, July 2

Note to MIchele: Catalpa and Elderberry Blossoms

Hi Michele,
I was at my Mom and Dad's house last night and took this photo of their Catalpa Tree in full bloom. I see these trees in our area quite often. In the summer, they will have long bean like pods hanging from them. I thought you'd like to see it. Do Catalpa Trees grow in the Pacific Northwest?

And here is the elderberry bush in bloom. In a few months this will be loaded with purple elderberries which I will harvest. I like to dry them and use throughout the winter for cold remedies. I also freeze them and make syrup with them. When I was a kid, my family made elderberry jelly, but I haven't tried that yet myself. To see a photo I took of the berries last August click here.

I've heard you can eat the blossoms. Some people make fritters of them. I'd rather wait for the berries though.

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