Wednesday, July 27

Seed Report on Strawberry Spinach-Portland, OR

This grew fast directly sown in the ground. The only suggestion that I have is to make sure that you properly identify it with a marker because I didn't which resulted in me pulling much of it out. I thought it was a weed. It did not take long for the plant to start seeding or growing fruit (the strawberry part). Would I grow it again? Not sure to be honest. The leaves are tasty, but small and the fruit does not have a taste to me and taste like you just put a whole bunch of seeds in your mouth. The plant would look nice in an arrangement, but again I would have second thoughts about devoting valuable space to it and would grow it just for the leaves.

Another interesting fact I discovered is that it is grown in some parts of Europe and in some countries it is considered a weed as it self seeds very easily. It might be a good plant for a Children's Garden. Caroline will be commenting on how this plant did in her Maine garden soon.

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