Saturday, July 23

Summer finally here at the Portland Community Garden? Maybe

Here in Portland, Oregon we have had an unusually cool summer. One of the coolest on record resulting in only four 80 plus days so far. This has really slowed down the growth of our Summer crops.

Squash just being to trail over the straw mulch.
My Rhubarb is just beginning to show some promise. We must have grown a different variety in England because our Rhubarb was much bigger.
Chard was easy to grow from seed and is doing well. I have just begun to harvest the leaves before the leaf miners eat them.
Strawberry Spinach. I tried some this week. The leaves were good, but I did not find the fruit tasty. I did think the flowers would look good in a arrangement.
More Onions. Can you see the wasp on it?
Lavender and Rosemary grow in large clumps here
Another good grower here are Artichoke
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