Thursday, July 28

Seed Report: What Grew, What Didn't in Maine

Ground Cherries: Just like Michele said the sprouts are minuscule, stayed the same size for weeks and then died off. 

Pink Banana: Mine did not germinate but I was patient as I think these are really interesting plants. However, the wind knocked over the pot, losing all the dirt. I might try starting these again since I have a few seeds left.

Stevia: Sprouted, then died. The sprouts were tiny. I won't try this one again. I saw seedlings/starts at the nursery so would go with option if I want to grow it next year.

Chinese Red Noodle Beans: Mine are growing, but very slowly. I've never seen beans grow so slowly. Mine are about five inches tall. It will be interesting to see if they take off and produce before frost. They have about two months left to prove their worth.

Like Michele, the lettuce and chard did well. The Strawberry Spinach grew slowly, no berries for me yet, but I'll post our impression of the plant once we get some berries.

Just about everything else either didn't sprout at all or sprouted and died. I did buy nursery starts so my garden is doing ok, just failed with most of the seeds. The verdict is still out on some of the melons and cukes because I planted them with my nursery varieties thinking I'd remember which is which, but I don't. Time will tell on those but my guess is the ones doing well are the nursery starts.
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