Wednesday, July 27

Seed Report-What did not grow in Portland, OR

As you can see the Lettuce and Chard did great, but I have a few items that did not grow.

Ground Cherries: Emerged from the soil, but eventually died off. The sprouts were very tiny. They stayed the same size for weeks and then died off. I am quite disappointed as I really wanted to grow it and taste the Cherries. Might try again next year. Pink Banana: Did not germinate at all. The seed packet said that it may take up to 3 months to sprout. The soil also needs to be kept very warm. I would not try this again. Stevia: Another case of the seed not germinating although I have read Stevia is easy to grow. Also when I was sowing the seeds I discovered there wer only 20 tiny seeds per packet. I suggest that you buy two packets of this if you are going to try it. I like the idea of growing Stevia and using it so I might try again next year. Chinese Noodle Beans: Not really sure what the problem was here because beans are usually easy to grow. They did not germinate. Will try next year in better compost. My yellow wax beans are growing really well.

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